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Here are some of the inspiring all-school assembl‚Äčies we've shared with our kids: 

  • Latin Dance for Hispanic Heritage month with Ricardo Loaiza
  • The Tournament of Science
  • The Potomac Symphony
  • Cayaba African Dance
  • Stories from Around the World by Candace Wolf (preK - 2)

Here are some of the special programs for each grade we've enjoyed: 

  • Kinder-planting with the Audubon
  • 1st grade Japanese Book Making
  • 2nd grade Mad Science
  • 3rd grade Maryland ZooMobile - and supported their Eco-Partnership Program with the Nat. Wildlife Federation and Taiwan
  • 4th grade TiPi day/Journeys into American Indian Territory
  • 5th grade's Circuit Masters program and the beloved Honoring our Elders Program 

Every year the PTA brings several assemblies and grade-based workshops to RCFES as part of our "Cultural Arts" Program (this is the term used by MCPS to describe the special theater, dance, music, fine arts and science programs that a PTA can bring to a school.) 

If you'd like to help bring great Cultural Arts Programs to RCF, please reach out! 
Erica Weiss (, Mariella Purvis (, or Anne Marie Mackle (mosesmakle